Tunnel & Road Construction

Since 2005, FiberMAN has implemented efficient and secure network solutions for tunneling and underground infrastructure in Scandinavia. Our skilled team finds the best solution, based on your requirements and wishes as well as international standards and legislation.

FiberMAN establishes a secure and efficient network solution that creates the best infrastructure for tunnel and road construction.

FiberMAN helps with:

• Network infrastructure for SRO plants
• Network infrastructure for emergency facilities
• Installation of backbone fiber solutions
• Installation of subnet fiber solutions

Functional network solutions for tunnel and road construction

We provide safe and high performing tailor-made solutions for tunnel and road construction. Our competent team has the necessary experience and know-how to select the best components that meet your specific requirements and needs for the solution.

High performing fiber network for tunnel and road construction

By choosing fiber, you’re ensured an optimal network solution for tunnel and road construction. Fiber transmit data at high speed, and ensures high reliability, which is key when monitoring tunnel and road construction.

FiberMAN also facilitate trunk and subnet fiber solutions when we tailor infrastructure and network solutions.

FiberMAN manages network infrastructure for SRO plants

We have years of experience with infrastructure and networks for SRO facilities. With fiber as the backbone in the SRO system, you optimize and automate control, regulation and monitoring of the tunnel and road construction.

Establishment of emergency telephone systems

Choose FiberMAN when establishing emergency networks and phonesystems in tunnels and road construction. Our solutions are reliable and increases safety in tunnels and road constructions.

FiberMAN is your skilled partner within network and infrastructure solutions

We are your partner throughout project planning, installation, testing documentation. Choose FiberMAN if you want a competent and experienced sparring partner. At FiberMAN we put safety highest.

Secures your network solution 24/7/365 with a FiberMAN Service Agreement

We handle troubleshooting, locating and repairing faults and damage effectively – 24 hours a day all days of the year. With a service agreement from FiberMAN, your network solution is guaranteed the most optimal performance – always.