Effective fiber solutions with high reliability

When data needs to be transmitted at high speed, your company needs an efficient fiber network solution. A fiber optic solution is the most efficient network worldwide. With a fiber solution from FiberMAN your company is ensured a future-proof and economically viable solution, with high speed, great bandwidth and high reliability.

FiberMAN establishes infrastructure and PDS-network solutions

A PDS-solution from FiberMAN is a functional and profitable network for the local area network (LAN). The solution is economical and doesn’t require data conversion from existing network cards.

FiberMAN manages planning, installation, testing, documentation and troubleshooting

We base each task is on the customer’s needs and requirements. When planning a project, we are your trustworthy advisor on materials and components. FiberMAN tailor the best solution for your company.

Once the specification of requirements and planning of the project has been completed, the establishment and installation of your network solution begins. FiberMAN facilitates everything from large advanced network solutions to smaller extensions on both new and existing networks.

We recommend testing and documentation

We always have the latest measuring equipment, which we regularly update and calibrate. FiberMAN also offers testing and documentation of already established networks. That way we can track and repair any damping, dirty connectors or defects that will cause “loss” in the data stream.

We use the latest measuring equipment for troubleshooting. We terminate faults in cables on both indoor, buried and outdoor networks. We find and correct the error within meters of accuracy and is in most cases repaired on the spot.

We are your competent partner when choosing network solutions. Our employees are always up to date with the latest technology and knowledge, and regularly attend relevant courses and seminars. 

FiberMAN offers 24-hour service

Without a functioning network, the company comes to a halt. FiberMAN offers 24-hour service on fiber and PDS solutions. Our service agreement includes initiated troubleshooting and repair within 3 hours – 24/7/365.

FiberMAN is your advisor on network solutions

Network projects can escalate and evolve into complex installations with specific needs. In such cases, a specialized overview is required. FiberMAN is your competent partner for network cabling. 

We provide advice as a natural part of our solutions, but also as a consultancy service.

We operate globally
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Contact FiberMAN

FiberMAN always deliver – based on the customer’s specific needs – at the agreed time and agreed price. So do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to talk about your project within fiber network, PDS solutions and infrastructure.

Peter Møller

Tel: +45 2080 7432
E-Mail: peter@fiberman.dk

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