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At FiberMAN we always comply with legislation and recognised norms and standards within our industry. We strive to be industry leaders and develop new standards and approaches when working with network solutions.

FiberMAN was founded to ensure and raise the level of service. We strive to develop state of the art solutions, by working with safety, quality assurance, work environment and environment. We focus self-management and development of our skills. By motivating and involving our employees we develop our skills, solutions and well-being.

Quality assurance of network solutions

All our work take basis in quality assurance. Everything we do is documented and complies with the applicable quality standards and policies. At FiberMAN we follow procedures, standards and guidelines for quality assurance. We set targets, monitor and evaluate our process and results, thus continuing development. 

FiberMAN puts safety first

At FiberMAN we emphasize safety above all, and our work is always carried out by the highest safety standards. We comply with applicable rules and standards to ensure the best solutions.

Our team continuously develop their skills by attending courses and being certified in new technologies and techniques. We promote healthy and safe working environment and comply with our safety conditions, thus minimalising risk of injuries and work-related illnesses 

A healthy working environment ensures happy employees and great solutions

At FiberMAN, we strive to ensure that our employees have a healthy and functional working environment – both physically and mentally. Therefore, we have established procedures for posture, safety and psychological impact. In addition procedures for recording incidents have been established, and we continuously measure our employees’ well-being.

Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly networking solutions

FiberMAN works to minimize resource consumption and environmental impact when facilitating fiber and PDS solutions. By continuously monitoring and improving of our environmental policies and procedures we strive to contribute to reducing the negative environmental.

By complying with our HQSE we deliver high performance solutions at agreed price and time – every time.

We operate globally
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Contact FiberMAN

FiberMAN always deliver – based on the customer’s specific needs – at the agreed time and agreed price. So do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to talk about your project within fiber network, PDS solutions and infrastructure.

Peter Møller

Tel: +45 2080 7432
E-Mail: peter@fiberman.dk

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