About FiberMAN

Since 2005, FiberMAN has facilitated efficient network solutions. The company was founded by the current owners Peter Møller, Rasmus Stetter and Torben Hold, who after many years in the network industry founded FiberMAN to gain and profit from their expertise with network installations.

Customized network solutions with the customer in focus - every time

FiberMAN is founded upon raising the service level and developing customer focused solutions. We do that by combining the acquired know-how, a strong set of core skills and many years of experience from network projects across the world. 

FiberMAN delivers reliable fiber- and PDS solutions

We facilitate complete network solutions, whether it’s fiber network, PDS solutions and/or electrical installations. FiberMAN has extensive experience with industry-specific solutions for tunnel- and road constructions, offices and manufacturing companies, telecommunication-, data centers and Offshore industry.

A strong team with the necessary know-how

At FiberMAN, we prioritize our staff’s safety and education. We work intensively with safety culture and therefore achieved a “Zero injury culture”.

In addition, all employees have had first aid training in case of an accident. Through courses and certifications, we always strive to be better and work with the latest technology within network solutions. This way FiberMAN delivers the best solutions – at the agreed time and price.

Functional network installations across the world

FiberMAN’s employees reside Denmark but we operate all around the world. We have great experience with efficient network solutions in most of Europe and in the states. At FiberMAN we emphasize safety above all, that way we create the best solutions, where high reliability and optimum performance is key.

FiberMAN delivers at the agreed time and price

FiberMAN’s fundamental objective is that our solutions is based on the customer’s specific needs, at the agreed time and agreed price. We keep our promise, and our competent team is your assurance of the best solution – every time.

We operate globally
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Contact FiberMAN

FiberMAN always deliver – based on the customer’s specific needs – at the agreed time and agreed price. So do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to talk about your project within fiber network, PDS solutions and infrastructure.

Peter Møller

Tel: +45 2080 7432
E-Mail: peter@fiberman.dk

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