Telecommunication & Data Centers

FiberMAN specializes in network solutions and have since 2005 developed efficient infrastructure and networks for data centers and telecommunication. Our skilled team has the needed know-how and experience to make the best solutions based on your needs and wishes.

FiberMAN establish and develop backbone network, conducting of routing, racks, splitting OCT and OTDR measurements to achieve the best possible infrastructure.

FiberMAN helps with:

• Turnkey infrastructure solutions
• Installation of fiber network
• Installation of (up to 10G) PDS solution
• Establishment of LAN / MAN PDS or fiber solutions

We ensure the best conditions with an efficient infrastructure

With a solution from FiberMAN we ensure network cabling, security and performance are in order. Security comes first, and our solutions for data centers are designed to focus on productivity and security. We always comply with applicable standards and legal requirements when establishing infrastructure and network solutions.

We ensure optimal fiber network for telecommunications and data centers

FiberMAN delivers high-speed and efficient fiber solutions for telecommunication and data centers. Each solution is unique, and our competent fiber team finds the best solution, that meets your requirements and specifications – at the agreed time and price. 

FiberMAN has made fiber networks for the biggest telecom companies in Denmark.

FiberMAN creates efficient and secure infrastructure for data centers

We have great success in facilitating network solutions for large data centers in Denmark. When combining the necessary know-how with state of the art components and sub-solutions we develop the best infrastructure solutions.

By tailoring the solutions and selecting the best components, we create the most optimal solutions for your specific needs. FiberMAN is your experienced partner.

FiberMAN ensures high-speed fiber network

We work with pre-cemented fiber cables, thus creating even more safe and efficient fiber performance. When we prepare the fiber solutions, MPO and MTP connectors are used to ensure high quality, increased flexibility and higher bandwidth.

We only use the best equipment and that ensures the best fiber solution.

FiberMAN establishes efficient PDS solutions for data centers

It’s essential to have an efficient and secure network solution within data centers. FiberMAN manages the task from project planning, installation, testing and commissioning. We establish PDS solutions up to 10G – and that way you’re ensured high performance and speed.

We have established networks and infrastructure in several large data centers. FiberMAN work with energy-optimized network solutions and facilitate optimal network solutions that comply with all international standards, requirements and laws.

Be safe with a FiberMAN service agreement

We offer full-service agreements with our network solutions, that way you’re ensured fast and efficient aid. Our competent team corrects the error as soon as possible, thus avoiding downtime.

UPS emergency power system secures your data

30% of network failures are due to power supply issues, avoid that by installing a UPS power plant. We install online and offline UPS battery systems and emergency power generators, thus ensuring high reliability and no downtime due to power loss. FiberMAN advises and dimensions the solution to match your needs. With an UPS emergency power system your data is protected.

We troubleshoot, test and repair network cables

FiberMAN provides network cabling in all environments – including already installed fiber cables. We do fiber testing to ensure optimum performance, and offer to repair/clean the cables, thereby effectively eliminate the fault.

Contact FiberMAN here to talk about testing and/or repairing your network.

FiberMAN is your partner for fiber networks and PDS solutions

We participate from start to finish, and are capable of project planning, installation, test and documentation. We always deliver efficient and functional network solution that meets your needs. The solution is, of course, thoroughly tested and ready to use – at FiberMAN, we put safety first.