Regions & Municipalities

Since 2005 we have facilitated local networks, fiber and FTTX solutions for regions and municipalities. When we tailor network solutions for the public sector security, efficiency and reliability is main focus.

FiberMAN helps with:

• FTTX solutions for hospitals
• Infrastructure for data centers
• Establishment and expansion of LAN fiber networks
• Establishment and expansion of MAN fiber network
• Fiber networks for kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, industrial kitchens etc.
• Network solutions and infrastructure for waterworks and power supplies

Fiber or PDS solution for Regions and Municipalities?

At FiberMAN we deliver high quality networks based on our customers’ requirements, wishes and specifications. Therefore, we facilitate both fiber and copper solutions according to your project, requirements and wishes.

We have extensive experience with FTTX solutions for the health care sector, as well as fiber network for kindergartens, schools and nursing homes within public and private sectors. No project is too big, and you are very welcome to contact us and tell about your project.

Do you need an expansion of your existing network?

FiberMAN offers a number of services on a wide range of copper network types, for example. extensions to existing networks. We are always ready to talk about your current project and you are welcome to contact us.

FiberMAN is your experienced network partner

Our competent team has several years of specialized experience in networking solutions. We are always up to date with the latest knowledge within fiber and copper networks, and regularly participate in relevant courses and seminars.

FiberMAN chooses the best materials for a functional network solution

We advise our customer on material selection, and always choose quality materials from market-leading suppliers when establishingt network solutions for Regions and Municipalities. In relation to the project, data amount and budget we facilitate the best network solution for your specific needs.

With a FiberMAN service agreement - your network is secured 24/7/365

Its particularly important with an efficient network in the public sector. Therefore, we offer a customized service agreement. Our service can Include 24-hour service, with started troubleshooting and repair within 3 hours regardless of the time of day. 

FiberMAN is your experienced partner, and we strive to tailor the best solutions.