Electrical Installers / Third Parties

FiberMAN is your partner when choosing the right network solution. Since 2005, we have specialized within fiber and PDS solutions. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and thereby avoid errors and wrong decisions.

FiberMAN is your competent and experienced advisor. We help choosing the right network solution that meets your needs.

Which network installation should we choose?

It can be difficult to choose the right infrastructure solution. There are countless possibilities, prices and terms to juggle. So do what you do best – we’ll help with the rest.

FiberMAN meets your needs and wishes, and combones with many years of experience and professional know-how, we facilitate the fiber- or PDS solution that best meets your requirements.

FiberMAN is your expert when choosing the right solution.

Are you an electrical installer or network manager and in need of a network partner?

Team up with FiberMAN and make use of our many years of experience in infrastructure solutions and consulting. This way you don’t have to buy expensive equipment and avoid improper use.

We can work together - or solve the task for you.

FiberMAN is your partner within:

• Consulting in choosing an infrastructure solution
• Installment of the right network solution, fiber / PDS
• Fiber splitting, testing and documentation
• Optimization and cleaning of fiber / PDS networks

FiberMAN is your partner – all the way.