FiberMAN has established reliable and successful network solutions worldwide

Safe network solutions for Regions and Municipalities

Since 2005, we have specialized within local networks, fiber networks and FTTX solutions for regions in municipalities in Denmark. When delivering a network solution for the public sector data security, efficiency and operational reliability are main focus.

Infrastructure and network solutions for office and production companies

FiberMAN’s team has specialized in networking solutions for process, CTS, SRO and machine plants in production companies in more than 12 years. We have established data installations and networks for office environments, logistics centers and several installations in SRO facilities throughout Scandinavia.

Efficient infrastructure and network for telecommunications and data centers

FiberMAN has established network solutions for the largest telecommunications in Denmark, and facilitated infrastructure in several large data centers throughout the country.

PDS and fiber networks for offshore wind industry in Europe

Choose FiberMAN as your partner, if you want a reliable network solutions for the Offshore industry. We have delivered network solutions on OSS platforms and shipyards in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Belgium and England.

Network and infrastructure for tunnel and road construction throughout Scandinavia

Since 2005, we have established network solutions for tunnel and road construction in Denmark, Norway and Sweden; Our portfolio include both tunnel upgrading, tunnel renovation, establishment of network solutions and customer-specific fiber solutions for Regions and Municipalities. 

FiberMAN tailor the best network solution for your specific needs.

We operate globally
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Contact FiberMAN

FiberMAN always deliver – based on the customer’s specific needs – at the agreed time and agreed price. So do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to talk about your project within fiber network, PDS solutions and infrastructure.

Peter Møller

Tel: +45 2080 7432
E-Mail: peter@fiberman.dk

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